International workshops, presentations, and other programs for 2016 are in the planning stage. Presentations at Canon USA’s “Live Learning” facilities in San Francisco and Costa Mesa are scheduled for March. Cuba and other international workshop destinations are in the works. A digital photography workshop in San Francisco may be offered in late February or March. Details will be announced soon.



“Before this workshop, my understanding of photography was built on a foundation of sand.  I had a superficial understanding of a mishmash of elements, and could apply that in haphazard way, but I lacked true confidence and a grasp of the bigger picture. The workshop rebuilt my understanding on solid rock. I feel like I am now endowed with the technical acumen that’ll allow me to pursue photography in whatever direction I am inspired to. I still have plenty to learn, but I have the confidence that I can steadily progress in this medium I have always felt drawn to and passionate about.” Anna S.

“Thank you so much for the great humor, warmth, and experience you shared during this trip. You made a great trip even better … you have enriched my life!” Cheryl N.

“Thank you for offering such a valuable experience.  Marjan and I will be reaping the benefits for the rest of our photography lives.  I’m deeply appreciative of how you organized your own learning journey and insights into a content-rich, highly relevant course.” Kirk B.

“Thank you for a wonderful day of learning, laughs, insight-fulness and photography.” Lori K.

“You are a wonderful, encouraging, and clear teacher. People learned, laughed, enjoyed, admired, listened,  asked, revealed, shared,  experimented … you created a very safe and supportive environment!” T. H.

“Overall, I came away very inspired, energized and enthusiastic about the power of visual storytelling through photography. The workshop provided an intense and enjoyable weekend of learning, and your passion for photography is contagious.  From a practical perspective, I gained a lot of knowledge for using my new camera, confidence in when and how to use various settings, and awareness of new features that I have never tried.  We had a wide range of abilities and experience among the participants in our workshop, from beginners/intermediate to a participant who had already published a book of photography.  I found your engaging style and workshop format were flexible in meeting the needs of various participants, and inclusive so that we all learned from our various levels.  I found the hands-on exercises to be most helpful in reinforcing the principles, and can’t wait to get out there and start practicing.” Linda V.H.

“I would like all of my friends who have decent cameras and care about seeing and actually capturing a bit of what they love about life to take your workshops” Sherry A.

“Thank you so much for this past weekend.  The time, the energy, the love, and your teachings that you shared are appreciated beyond words.  I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to conduct such an incredibly well thought out and executed workshop… one of which that exceeded my expectations of the knowledge and inspiration that I imagined to gain in such a short period of time.  With my young experience, you have helped me gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics; supporting the technicalities of this art with beautifully moving and stimulating photographs.  All of which individually have an incredible story, capturing a moment in time that will resonate forever.  You are truly a gift!” Jessica R.

“The course was perfect for me as an eager beginner. Jeff made the intimidating concepts of using a seemingly complex SLR very easy to understand; and by giving us time to shoot what we had just learned, I could move from learning to doing quickly. The two days were educational, motivational and inspirational. Thank you, Jeff!” Palmer K.

“We have been on many, many trips over the past thirty five years and enjoyed most all of them … this year was an exception. It (our travel workshop with Jeff) was more than enjoyable. It was superb. Our trip leader is by far the best we have ever had.” Marlene and Bob Werra, guests for a travel workshop in India


“I am so deeply moved by the images you captured. The work is so inspiring. It was the most extraordinary experience to watch these images for the first time. I was moved to tears.” Michael Siegel, President, Siegel And Associates

“WOW!!!!!!  Your work continues to really inspire me and your photography continues to evolve and just nourishes my SOUL!!! Jane J, Internal Medicine Specialist, Kaiser, California

“I find your photos beautiful, creative, moving. They’re certainly the best pics about Guatemala I’ve ever seen.” Richard Carroll, Ph.D. President and CEO, Child Aid

“The images are absolutely inspiring – every one of them!” Pamela D.M., Filmmaker, California

“Your photographs are absolutely smashing. They combine wonderful art with a very strong message – excellent.” Arthur Esch, CEO, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Florida

“Your eye for beauty continues to evolve and impress.” Conrad Prusak, CEO, Ethos Consulting