Hope Services (Video And Still Photography To Support Adults With Disabilities)

PPB Africa (Campaigns For Malnourished Children And Vulnerable Pregnant Women)

Google (Documentary Video Production)

Genentech (Documentary Video Production)

Facebook (Documentary Video Production)

Apple Computer (Digital Storytelling And Advocacy Presentations)

LinkedIn (Documentary Video And Still Photography)

University of California at San Francisco (Fine Art Prints For UC Collection)

ReSurge International (Documentary Media Production For Advocacy And Fundraising)

Latham & Watkins LLP (Contributed To Fine Art Photography Collection)

Art Wolfe Inc. (Executive Producer For 26 Part PBS TV Program)

Bushcamp Company (Fund Raising Support For Education And Health Care Projects)

Canon USA (Presentations On Travel And Advocacy Photography)

The San Francisco Giants (Event Photography)

Spark Ventures (Fund Raising Support For Education Project)

Macmillan Higher Education / WH Freeman (Image Licensing)

Cross Cultural Journeys Foundation (Photo Cultural Tours In Cuba)

Mumm Napa Fine Art Gallery (42 Piece Photography Exhibit)

Islands of Siankaba (Fund Raising Support For Education Projects And Branding)

Mountain Travel Sobek (Co-Launched Photo Explorations Travel Program)

Pepper Hamilton LLP (Contributed To Fine Art Photography Collection)

New Dungeness Light Station (Documentary Imagery For Non Profit)

MedShare (Nonprofit Focused On Medical Care)

DeathWise (Nonprofit Focused On Improving End-Of-Life Issues)

United Nations (Project For Human Rights Advocate)

The Heart Gallery (Child Welfare – Foster Care)

Joint Council For International Children’s Services (Child Welfare)

Tibetan Nuns Project (Education And Refugee Support)

Sierra Magazine (Travel Article – Environmental Advocacy)

Tricycle Magazine (Cover Image)

Bridges To Understanding (Education And Child Empowerment)

REI Retail Stores (Presentations On Wilderness Travel)

Trust In Education (Education And Community Support)

Holt International (Child Welfare)

Destination Himalaya (Guide For Cultural Tours)

Regenerative Network (Sustainable Development)

Daniel Bergmann (Iceland Photo Workshops)

Acumen Fund (Awareness and Fundraising For Poverty Reduction)

Cunard Cruise Lines (Lectures For NYC to London Program)

Evergreen Lodge (Yosemite Photo Workshops)

GRAM (Green Resiliency Agriculture Movement)

Blue Water Foundation (Youth Leadership And Life Skills)

Child Aid (Education)